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Our History

AMW GROUP was founded in 1999 by Hervé Mouly (CEO & Founder) in Bangkok (Thailand) as Asia Magnetic Winding company, followed by the acquisition of  Acime Technology in 2013 and Radio-Energie in 2017


About numbers

Active References
1 600 000
Product Delivered /Y
Shipments / Y
6 500
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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Thailand – New manufacturing site

In 2019, AMW will start the construction of its new 10 000 m² manufacturing site

2 000 m² for the Electronic Manufacturing Services (Clean Room class 100K, Temp./Hum./ESD  Control)

1 700 m² for the Magnetics Aera (Temp. control)

1 300 m² Wharehouse (360m² with Temp/Hum/ESD Control)